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Our Story

Elemental Kitchen arrived in Livingston on a train of thought. It was a journey over fifteen years in the making, affording ample time for a curious kitchen geek to experience, absorb and expand his craft. Skills were acquired along the line and his knowledge deepened. Eventually, however, the question arose that challenges any truly dedicated cook: How is all this knowledge focused into a singular culinary expression? In other words, how will I make my mark?


Naturally, I thought lovingly of my dogs. All three of their names begin with the letter “P” (P3). Curious, because all three of my names start with the letter “A” (A3). The train of thought blew right past a restaurant called Andrew’s Phood before screeching to a halt at a mental image of the periodic table of elements – that scientific arrangement of squares filled with letters and atomic numbers representing the ingredients of the cosmos. But what if it were an actual dinner table, and all those squares represented the ingredients of a stellar meal? Maybe Fe means fennel and eggplant, not iron. Maybe Db was not dubnium, but duck breast. And every cook knows Li means local and in season. Lithium does not pair well with anything.

It was a concept that unified my passions – my dogs, my craft and sharing wholesome, delicious food.

So, the concept is in the name. At Elemental Kitchen, each dish is thoughtfully constructed of parts. Our aim is to incorporate ingredients that balance the five flavors of sour, bitter, sweet, salty and umami on one plate or in one bowl. We also strive to elevate the best of the season with offers of earthy wild mushrooms from nearby rain-soaked forests, or wild salmon fresh from cold Alaskan waters. Or perhaps, we’ll isolate a single ingredient and alter it on a molecular level, for a truly singular experience.

Come join us at Elemental Table. Because good food, like a star, is greater than the sum of its parts.

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In the Kitchen

We love what we do and we do what we love.  Fresh pasta made every day, the smell of brioche straight out of the oven and the sound of our mortar and pestle clanking away while making pesto makes our kitchen unique to our little town.   New dishes changing with the seasons availability is what keeps us excited and always looking forward to the future.

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